Relating Health to Physical Education

There seems to be a problem in education, especially in health education that what students learn in class is only learned in the class and then forgotten. Educators need to be able to teach the students what they need to know, and not let them forget about it. One solution to this problem is to relate what you learn in health class to what you are learning in physical education. What happens if you teach a topic in health, but the students don't learn it in physical education? Teach a topic in health, and then find space in your school to do what you just learned. Great examples of things you learn in class are fitness concepts and sport related fitness concepts. Some examples of fitness and sport related fitness concepts are muscular strength, flexibility, agility, and balance. There are several others but those are just a couple of examples.

To get the student to learn these concepts you can teach them in a normal health class, but spice it up. Don't be up there lecturing them the whole time. Have a variety of strategies. To use a golf analogy, the rules of golf say that a player can carry up to 14 clubs in his or her bag. How many teachers did you know who only had a driver in their "Golf Bag of Pedagogy?" The lesson could start with a PowerPoint, and then discuss what the PowerPoint is talking about. Whatever you do, get the students involved. Meaning in this case, UP STAND OUT OF THEIR SEATS! Once you have done a non-boring lesson on fitness concepts, then go out and do it. Get in the gym and attempt to make it fun as opposed to work. After all, we want people to want to return to the gym, not avoid it!! One day you teach muscular strength, and in your lesson you explain that muscular strength is the amount of force one can produce in between 1 and 15 repetitions. Great, now is that student going to remember it? Maybe if it is going to be on a test in which they will study it at the last minute and remember it just for the test and then forget about it. After you teach your muscular strength lesson find some room in the gym, or wherever, to do activities that involve muscular strength.

Now that is a full lesson. So using the muscular strength as an example set up stations. Each station works on a different body part. Have one station be chest, a second station arms, a third station legs. Be sure to give directions at each station and only have them do the exercise for less than 15 repetitions. To go even further, have an assessment at the end of your lesson. The assessment could be a question of how does muscular strength relate to you outside of school. By expanding their minds, and reaching a higher level of thinking you will successfully teach the student muscular strength. Furthermore, now that the student was able to connect the health lesson to actual activity, they will remember what you taught them and not forget about it.

We are not in the business of making obese young people less obese! That statement may surprise you. Certainly, we hope that we can improve a person's fitness over the time we have them in our class, but more important is creating a love for things physical so that when our students get older and they make their daily list of things to do, something about personal fitness will have a prominent place on that list!!! It's not just about "working out" because it's good for you, just like spinach, it's because it's so much fun to do the things that are fitness related.

Preventing Systemic Diseases Through Dental Oral Health Education

The Journal of Alzheimer's Disease recently reported the findings of a scientific study which clearly stated that periodontal disease and poor dental health could be an early sign of Alzheimer's.

The researchers examined the brains of 10 deceased Alzheimer's victims, and found that the brains of the dementia patients were found to show signs of the bacteria Porphyromonas gingivalis, which may have triggered an immune response that lead to the condition. This process could trigger the symptoms commonly seen in Alzheimer patients such as memory loss and confusion.

As Dentists, and health care providers, it is our duty to treat our patients with their overall systemic health in mind, and not just their mouths. We all know about the primary risk elements for periodontal disease, including smoking, diabetes, nutrition, dry mouth, poor oral hygiene, stress, heredity, and more.

What we see in the mouth has a direct relationship to the rest of the human body, and it is our responsibility to educate that patient as to the benefits of preventive care. Periodontal disease can certainly be a nasty condition to treat, so why not do everything in our power to prevent it from the beginning. But the responsibility is not all ours. We can talk about home hygiene until we are blue in the face, but the ultimate test rests with the patient themselves.

By the time most patients reach the door, they have already forgotten about the valuable recommendations that we give them. They revert to their old habits if we don't educate them well, and convince the patient that if they don't decide to change their ways, serious consequences to their overall health Will result.

The patient needs to be held accountable for their own well being, and we can help them with very simple follow-ups as soon as the next day, the next week, and even months end. A simple call or text to let them know that we are there to support them can be very effective.

The problem in the past is that both the Dental and Medical professions have operated on a model that addresses disease after it has manifested. By becoming more aware of the preventive aspect of care, diseases can be managed prior to their development. In this case your dental examinations, with implementation of a strict periodontal program, can make the difference between enjoyment of the "Golden Years", or being oblivious to them altogether.

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Paintball Gear You Can Find Online

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Education and Certification For Health Care Professionals

The health care industry will generate more jobs through 2016 than any other U.S. industry, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The job prospects for these professionals are very good for the foreseeable future. Several factors fuel the high demand for health care workers, including:

* Baby boomers are approaching retirement age and are expected to require more care as they age.
* With technological advances medical doctors have opportunities to work on unusual and demanding cases. This increases the need for allied health professionals to attend to patient care.
* High tech equipment requires additional workers who are trained to operate the specific equipment.
* With more and more options for tests and treatments, people typically use more care than in previous generations. Also, because of early detection and treatment advances, people are living longer.
* There is a nationwide shortage of registered nurses, due largely to the shortage of nursing professionals to provide health care education.

Health care professions offer ample opportunities for advancement. The key to advancement in these professions is health care education. With further education, workers can become specialists in any number of specialties, including case management, grief counseling, legal nurse consulting, and crisis intervention counseling, among many others. Some of the less common education programs prepare students to be funeral service assistants, meditation instructors, alternative/holistic care practitioners, hypnotherapists, and spiritual counselors. With the required education, professionals may also become administrators or health educators.

For those interested in nursing, there's a common sequence of advancement in this high demand field. Becoming a registered nurse requires a two- to three-year diploma or associate's degree in nursing or a four-year bachelor's of science in nursing. Registered nurses with bachelor's degrees have more career advancement opportunities. Online programs allow registered nurses to receive credit toward their bachelor's degrees in nursing for previous coursework and experience.

Many colleges, universities, community colleges, and professional schools offer health care education. They offer degree, certification, and/or diploma programs. Quality programs prepare students to sit for the national certification exams in their specialties. Flexible class times, evening and weekend classes, and online classes make it possible for working professionals to continue their education without leaving their jobs. Online courses may be self-paced independent study or may involve more structured learning.

Many employers reimburse for professional education classes. Larger places of employment may even sponsor courses, certification programs, and seminars at their institutions. This makes it easier for staff to attend and keep up-to-date in their fields.

Because health care standards and procedures change frequently, professionals benefit from continuing education courses in their specialties. In fact most specialties require coursework for recertification. The number of courses required for recertification and number of years between certifications vary according to the specialty.

This industry is the largest employer in the U.S. and it's still growing rapidly. Careers in health care are as close to recession proof as any. Continuing health care education provides opportunities for advancement and specialization in a wide variety of rewarding careers.

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Medical Technology - Health Education - Chronic Pain

Innovative medical technology and health education is essential for helping patients so that diseases can be cured rather than be managed. This is particularly true for prevention of nerve related chronic pain.

One of my patients told me that he sees the field of medicine as purely supportive and useful for managing diseases but really does not cure diseases. I did explain to him that when diseases are caught too late, he is perfectly correct.

The idea is to diagnose early to have possible cures for the disease. Since patients present to the doctor only when they are symptomatic, it is usually too late for a good chance for a cure. The best time to have a cure is when there are signs rather than symptoms.

The body takes a lot of abuses before one get symptomatic, and early diagnosis is really essential. Since I help patients with nerve related muscle pain and discomfort, I will limit my health blog only to this topic. It is essential that I put my thoughts in writing so that others may receive education and benefit from my many years in medical technology innovation to develop Electrical Twitch Obtaining Intramuscular Stimulation (eToims Twitch Relief Method).

The time to get a medical opinion is before one has pain. Everyone should learn how to look at their muscles to see if they look swollen. There should be no well defined margins or grooves beside or around the muscle of interest. When the muscle is relaxed, the muscle should not look as though it is contracted. If it does so, this is a sign of muscle shortening and muscle spasm making the muscle look very tight.

The skin overlying the muscle should not be thick and adhesed to the underlying tissue. The pores in the skin overlying the muscle should not be clearly visible. If there is hair loss in the area that is also not normal. All these are signs of trophic neurogenic skin changes, recognizable just by looking carefully. If these clinical signs are present, you already have nerve related muscle problems and you are a candidate for developing chronic pain if you already do not have chronic pain presently.

Jennifer Chu, M.D. emeritus professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, pioneered eToims Twitch Relief Method that utilizes surface electrical stimulation to locate motor points (trigger points). The motor points are then stimulated to induce strong local muscle contractions, termed twitches. This results in reduced muscle pain and discomfort in the areas that were stimulated. The involved pain/discomfort-relieving mechanism is thought to include local muscle exercise and stretch effects. eToims Soft Tissue Comfort Center® specializes in diagnosis and treatment which ends muscle discomfort and pain.

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